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Top Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Vehicle with Synthetic Oil in Ogdensburg, NY

If you're interested in keeping your vehicle in top working shape, then you've probably wondered if you should use conventional/regular or synthetic oils on your engine. If that's the case, worry not! The following post will go over a few reasons why you should make a switch to synthetic oil to maintain your vehicle.

It Has a Higher Viscosity Index

The oil that you pour into your vehicle's engine is meant to cover it and be a protective layer. Fortunately, synthetic oils have a higher viscosity index than regular, crude oils, which means that they're thicker and that they can provide your engine with the amount of lubrication it requires.

It Helps Reduce the Friction

You may ask yourself: "but why does my engine need protection and lubrication?" Well, this is because your engine is made of different components that move. The thing is that in doing so, they rub against each other, wearing down and heating your engine up. The oil helps minimize that friction and the damages it can cause.

It Provides Greater Shear Stability

Another important factor to keep in mind, is that with time, use, and harsh conditions, the oil in your vehicle can thin out and not be as effective in protecting your engine. However, synthetic oils have a greater shear stability, which basically means that they'll be able to endure those extreme conditions much better than regular oils.

It's Superior at Transferring Heat

As previously mentioned, synthetic oils have a higher resistance to extreme conditions and temperatures. This also indicates that they are superior at transferring heat. As you can imagine, this results in a cooler engine, which is, obviously, less prone to getting overheated and shutting down on the road. If you want a synthetic oil that's better at heat transference, contact Billsautomarine in Ogdensburg, NY at (315) 783-1086.

It Can Endure Oxidation Better

An interesting process that goes on in your engine with the oil you put into it is oxidation. This occurs when the oil comes into contact with oxygen molecules. The downside to it is that it can lead to sludge, residue, and all kinds of sediment in your vehicle. Luckily, synthetic oils don't oxidate as easily as conventional oils.

It Leaves No Pollutants Behind

Tied up to the point above, if you don't want the inside of your engine to have filth buildup, then you should know how oils are made. Essentially, regular oils are made from crude oils, which are filled with pollutants. Differently, synthetic oils are man made from alcohol and natural gas, ensuring there'll be no leftovers.

It Takes Better Care of Your Wallet

A surprising advantage to using synthetic oil in your engine is that it can actually help your economy. This is because, as previously mentioned, it is better at its job, which means that it will provide superior protection that can reduce the wear and the maintenance costs for your vehicle.

It is the More Eco-Friendly Alternative

Another important factor to consider is that synthetic oils need to be changed less often. As you can imagine, this results in less waste because they don't need to be drained, and you don't need to buy as many. All of this also makes them the greener option of the two.

It Helps Improve Your Vehicle's Performance

Needless to say, if your engine is better protected, properly lubricated, and in optimum condition, then it's more likely to provide you with more powerful, smoother, and overall, better rides. That's how synthetic oils can result in an improved performance and even an increased horsepower.

Using It Can Result in a Longer Lifespan for Your Vehicle

The last reason why you should consider feeding your engine with top quality synthetic oil in Ogdensburg, NY, is that it can help your vehicle have a prolonged life expectancy. Of course, you should also provide the necessary upkeep for your vehicle, but it is a big step in the right direction so you can keep it in perfect working condition for longer.

If You Want to Feed Your Engine with the Best Synthetic Oil in Ogdensburg, NY

If after reading this post, you're convinced that a top-of-the-line synthetic oil in Ogdensburg, NY is what your engine requires to run better than ever, then trust in AMSOIL's high quality products. They'll keep it properly protected and ensure that it has the right lubrication to continue working as expected for a long time.

If you want to get AMSOIL's 100% synthetic lubricants, or any of their line of products aimed at maintaining your vehicle in perfect shape, contact Billsautomarine in Ogdensburg, NY. You can call (315) 783-1086 for more information, or visit their online store if you're ready to place an order.