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How to Extend the Life of Your Boat's Engine

Having a boat can be a very satisfying experience, but it requires care and meticulous maintenance to enjoy it to the fullest and have safer rides on it. In this article, Billsautomarine in Oswego County, NY has a few pointers to make your boat's engine last as long as possible in the best condition.

Don't Start the Engine When out of Water

The engine of a boat should ideally never be started when out of water, because it heats very quickly. This practice can wear out the seals, gaskets and other parts prematurely, damage the engine and end up in expensive repairs. If you really need to start the engine in the open air, try to use a flushing kit.

Install a Water Pressure Gauge

Water pressure gauges ensure the engine cools down properly while sailing. Over time, the water passages in the engine can clog and the stream will diminish and flow less efficiently, which in turn will make the engine take longer to cool down.

Check and Replace Damaged Propellers

Propellers, like every other piece of the engine, will endure deterioration over time, but the nicks and gouges can cause vibrations that, even if too tiny to be sensed by anyone, will force the engine to work harder and shorten its life. Repair the propellers whenever you spot gouges or other damage after you sail.

Change Your Oil and Filters

Just like any other vehicle's engine, a boat's engine needs to have the oil and the filters -every filter, not just the oil one- changed to ensure everything works properly. Keep a log where you register the last time you provided filter and synthetic oil change in Oswego Couunty, NY so you can stay on top of them and the number of hours.

Feed Your Boat Engine with the Most Effective Synthetic Oil in Oswego County, NY!

If you don't want your boat to leave you stranded in the water (which can be both incredibly stressful and very dangerous), remember to provide its engine with the superior protection that AMSOIL synthetic oil in Oswego County, NY can offer. You can find the best synthetic oil in Oswego County, NY by contacting William Nygard of Billsautomarine, the Authorized Dealer of AMSOIL Oil in Oswego County, NY. AMSOIL Oil will take better care of your engine than regular, mineral oil, help it improve its performance, and make it last longer. Call (315) 783-1086 for more information on the full range of AMSOIL products for your boat and other vehicles (from an ATV to a truck).

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