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How to Know When Your Engine Needs an Oil Change

Changing your oil is one part of car maintenance that's very important and yet we often overlook- and not doing it could have consequences like worn down engine components or your car overheating. The following are a few signs that you need to change your oil to keep your engine working as it should. Be sure to provide your vehicle with the synthetic oil change in Syracuse, NY it requires when necessary, so you can continue riding your vehicle in a smooth and safe manner.

Black and Gritty Oil

Car oil is honey-coloured at first, but darkens with use and becomes less viscous. If your oil has turned black, feels more liquid and even has particles floating around, it's time to change it lest you saturate the filter and the engine starts to go into overdrive.

You've No Idea When You Last Changed It

If you can't remember the last time you changed your oil, chances are it's in dire need of replacement. We recommend you start an oil change log where you document the replacements, so you don't forget again.

Check Engine Light Or Oil Gauges Woes

If you have an older car and the check engine light turns on, or if your car's newer and the oil gauge readings change significantly, they could be signs that you need to pour new oil.

Louder Engine

When the engine is making more noise than usual, it's likely that the guts are grinding against each other because lubrication is insufficient. Change the oil as soon as possible to fix this situation.

Low Dipstick Level

If your engine's cold, pull out the dipstick from the motor, wipe it clean and stick it back in for a moment, then pull it back out. The oil level reaching below the indicator line is a dead giveaway that your engine is in need of new oil. You should also take a bit of time to ensure that your oil isn't leaking out.

If You Require the Most Effective Synthetic Oil in Syracuse, NY for Your Engine

Synthetic oil is better and more efficient for cars than regular mineral oil; it also lasts longer,  is more resistant to extreme temperatures, improves your vehicle's performance, and is more friendly with the environment. If you are looking for the synthetic oil in Syracuse, NY that will provide the best protection for your engine, look no further than AMSOIL oil in Syracuse, NY at Billsautomarine, where you can contact William Nygard. Call (315) 7831086 if you require guidance to choose the best products for your vehicle, or if you're ready to place an order.

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